Our Vision

The Regional Community Park Foundation has embarked on a project of unprecedented community benefit and enrichment for the people of Tuolumne County. Plans are in place to begin development on an expansive new park facility in the heart of Tuolumne County. Our team of volunteers is working to serve the desperate need for recreational facilities in Tuolumne County.

Huge Plans For The Park

Empowering Our Community Development

We have received significant community support from Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors, Tuolumne County Administration, Foundations (local and national), Local Business Community, Families and Individuals.


Mission of The Park Foundation

The mission of The Park Foundation as a 501(c)(3) public charity is to bring much needed facilities, i.e. a regional community park, available to the people of Tuolumne County to be used for the purpose of recreation, as well as community cohesion and enrichment. Specifically, the purpose of the non-profit is to design, develop, fundraise, permit, construct and manage the facilities for the benefit of the community through sports, arts and recreation.

The Foundation Board Members

The Park Foundation has experienced rapid success in development due entirely to the strong list of leaders who head up the Board of Directors. These individuals bring decades of experience in construction, finance, technology and management and their resumes are only equaled by their extensive philanthropic endeavors and overarching love for Tuolumne County.

How The Park Benefits Us All

Facilities desperately needed in Tuolumne County

Turn-key park/recreation space without cost to Tuolumne County

Cohesion and enrichment of youth through sports and education

Center for community life and cultural developments

Increase in collective wealth of residents

Enhance personal health and fitness

Increase of economic growth, property tax, sales tax, tourism

Employment for all ages

You Can Play A Role

The Park will be a centerpiece in our community that will generate memories with our families and friends for generations to come. Please sign up to follow our progress in the coming months and to see how you can help us make The Park a reality.

The Park Foundation of Tuolumne County - Sonora, Ca

Sports, Arts and Recreational Facilities for Tuolumne County

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