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Our Mission

The Park Foundation, a California public charity nonprofit organization, is developing an unprecedented community benefit – a publicly accessible park to promote community cohesion and enrichment.

The Park will be conveniently and centrally located, and will become a regional destination for sports, arts and recreation for everyone to enjoy [see video] [see pictures].

The Park Foundation board of directors, a group of proven community leaders, has worked diligently since 2016 [see board].

Community engagement and support is critical to the success of this ambitious endeavor as there is still a long, but very exciting, road ahead of us to open the gates of The Park.

If you are interested in becoming involved in The Park with ideas, development, volunteering, or in making a gift, please contact the Park Foundation [contact us here].

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We have received very exciting and significant community support from Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors, Tuolumne County Administration, Foundations (local and national), Local Business Community, Families and Individuals.


History of The Park Foundation

The seeds of The Park Foundation and it’s mission were planted in the summer of 2012. Dr. Ron Jacobs – a former youth tennis prodigy – volunteered to coach varsity tennis at a local high school in Tuolumne City, CA. Quickly he came to realize that many of the athletes he was coaching had never played the sport prior to their high school involvement. Jacobs’ assessment was simple: for the high school teams to be successful – kids would have to start playing at a younger age.

This assessment drove Jacobs to develop ‘Just Ace It’ in 2014, a no-cost tennis program for elementary aged students, offered to kids at their own schools during after school hours. Jacobs partnered with local school districts as well as the US Tennis Association and local sponsors to bring tennis to an underserved, low income demographic rich with enthusiasm. The program has been so successful (hundreds of kids yearly at 6 schools) that Jacobs quickly began contemplating the next step in development for youth tennis in Tuolumne County. As their skills develop, miniature courts painted on asphalt playgrounds become inadequate for athlete’s continued progression.

Initially imagined as a regional tennis center, as Jacobs shared his ideas with others and a team was assembled – the tennis center concept expanded in scope and scale. Community minded volunteers established The Park Foundation because they dared to believe in the development and management of a regional community park. This park concept incorporates much-needed tennis facilities, but goes much further by building community with walking trails, benches, open air barbecue and space to gather neighbors and friends.

The team behind “The Park” believe Jacobs’ success with Just Ace It is the result of reasonable community investment in underserved youth. That type of investment in infrastructure and curriculum could be replicated in programs from the arts to volleyball to soccer if facilities were available to the public. The Regional Community Park Foundation exists to help provide such facilities for sports, recreations and the arts.

The Park Foundation Board of Directors

A Volunteer Board – The Park Foundation has experienced rapid success in development due entirely to the strong list of leaders who head up the Board of Directors. These individuals bring decades of experience in construction, finance, technology and management and their resumes are only equaled by their extensive philanthropic endeavors and overarching love for Tuolumne County.

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